Kitkitdizzi, Los Angeles By Justin Chatwin

I can feel the trouble of the wanderer in my soul.   

Brahmana said: "There is no happiness for the man who does not travel. Living in the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner.  For Indra is the friend of the Traveller.  Therefore wander!!" 

Charlie Crowe in transit

Charlie Crowe in transit

When I'm at home I want to be on the road.  And when I'm on the road all I want is to be at home.

Thoughts on drifting:

Neither shall ye build house, nor sow seed, nor plant vineyard, nor have any: but all your days ye shall dwell in tents that ye may live many days in the land where ye be strangers    Jeremiah 35:6-7

Marty Dinglewall taking cover from a storm in Meadow, Utah.

Marty Dinglewall taking cover from a storm in Meadow, Utah.

The desert people are closer to being good than settled people because they are closer to the first state and are more removed from all the evil habits that have infected the hearts of settlers.

Man was not meant to settle down

The desert was a reservoir of civilization and desert people's had the advantage over settlers because they were more abstemious, freer, braver, healthier, less bloated, less craven, less liable to submit to rotten laws, and altogether easier to cure.

In Islam, among Sufi order, walking was used as a technique for dissolving the attachments of the world and allowing men to lose themselves in God. The aim of the dervish was to become a 'dead man walking' who's body stays alive on earth yet who's soul is in heaven.  At the end of his journey the dervish becomes a wayfarer i.e. A place over which something is passing, not a Traveller following his own free will.   


The pathless path.   

Why go? 

Ghandi said 'Ultimately what you do is unimportant but it's very important that u do it'.